Ron Howard for Emmys Hall of Fame

  • Bronze
  • Richard Becker
  • Sold

Collection: Monuments x

Commissioned by the Emmys Hall of Fame, Hollywood, California

This was another incredible experience creating this bust for the Emmys. With Phil Wayne from the Emmys, we met with Ron at his office in Imagine Entertainment in Beverly Hills.
Ron is a very nice person and I felt like I had known him forever. And he does these really cool art doodles.
We discussed the pose and decided on the look and attitude. I was able to get some anatomical measurements -- a luxury I rarely have. He was a great sport and even gave me a hat with the bill formed just the way he likes.

He was quite good at giving artistic direction -- as you might expect. And that was super helpful. Ron, his wife Cheryl and his long-time assistant Louisa were great giving inputs along the way.

3 bronze casts were made: One for the Emmys headquarters, one for Disney in Florida and one for the Howard family.

This was a great honor and fun.

©ATAS used with permission

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