Rebecca Zdybel

MLK- Timeless Truths

  • Collage, Mixed media, Acrylic, Ink, and Watercolor on Paper
  • 20 x 16 in
  • Rebecca Zdybel
  • Sold

MLK- With quotes from this heroic advocate for love embedded into the surface and incorporated into the composition, this mixed media painting is the 5th in a series begun in 2018. Feeling the need for inspiration, rather than rhetoric, I began painting him and researching him. I was born in 1960, and my exposure to his speeches was very limited. As my research continued, I was exposed and enamored more and more with his words. They seemed to speak to us as human beings. His thoughts on love were timeless. His directives to practice love, even in the face of hate were a balm in 2018 and feel even more timely after closing the chapter on 2020. These words speak to my heart, and my sense is that others might need to hear them. With all this in mind, Dr. King's message is the star of this painting.

  • Subject Matter: Portrait of MLK Jr.
  • Created: 2021
  • Inventory Number: 2088
  • Collections: MLK
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