Randy L Purcell

Sting Like A Bee

  • Encaustic, ink transfer on beeswax
  • 12 x 24 x 2 in
  • $800.00
  • Randy L Purcell

Piece created for a show at NOLA Gallery in Nashville, titled "Fight or Flight" Show date is Nov. 9th 2019.
Find out more on my website/events page https://randylpurcell.com/events/fight-or-flight/

It’s a defining dynamic: the aggressor and the aggressed. It’s like a flower trying to process the reasoning behind the incoming thunderhead.

This is what the fearful eye sees. It doesn’t have the luxury of contemplating the deeper meanings or implications of the fist flying towards it. And that’s every day. Every day, people are faced with resistance, and their common question is “What is the answer?”

“What” is important, but “why” is much better. You need to think about the cause of conflict so that you may handle its effects. Why do we disagree? Have we experienced each others’ views? Do we really have to fight, or is this merely because someone or something else decided that for us?

If you think about the fight before it ever happens, you see it in a totally different light. You see more than just a menacing stare or a threatening motion. You see that most conflict is completely avoidable, with little prize or pride to be gained.

Some fights are an honor to fight, though, and you must choose them. If I choose to fight, I choose to fight with compassion.I choose to know my opponent. Not just to win, but that I may know myself.

Sting Like A Bee
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