Perpetual Motion

Laurie McKeon
Honolulu, Hawaii
In 1973 I sold all of my worldly possession and set off for an adventure of a lifetime: to sail the islands of the South Pacific in a 55’ wooden schooner. In the next three years, I made radical changes to adapt to my new lifestyle. All my ‘stuff’ had to fit into one tiny locker. I learned new vocabulary words: ratlin, halyard, gollywobbler. Instead of TV, I watched sea birds, dolphins and whales. I measured time by the number of hours until my next watch. As weeks passed, out of sight of land, I studied the sky, stars and sea.
In short, the ocean became my world.
With each passing year, my cruising lifestyle showed me how little I need to be happy. It also showed me how many ways there are to use and re-use resources. By necessity, cruising sailors are recyclers turning flour sacks into shirts, beach shells into kitchen tools, and hoarding plastic bags for multiple purposes.
My paintings are about this experience which deeply molded who I am today. I am not trying to record exactly what I see. I do not strive to show a view of a certain location. I want my paintings to express the joy, awe and reverence I feel towards the expansive, powerful and beautiful oceans of the world.

Perpetual Motion
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