Rufus Art Rentals

5097- African Wooden Congo Drum

  • Wood
  • 40 x 14 in
  • $175.00

West African Sabar Hand Percussion Drum

Sabar are a family of drums from Senegal, West Africa.
Originating with the Serer people, this 1920’s drum is constructed from carved wood, with a goat skin head attached by several pegs and a lacing system that allows for tuning. The sabra drum is played with a stick and one hand. There are several different types of sabar that make up the ensemble, each with a particular sound and role.

The head on this sabra drum would be tightened by pulling a peg, hammering a peg back in or twisting the rope.

Sabar drums are instruments of the Serer and Wolof ethnic groups, but as the “national drum” of Senegal the sabar is also used by the Toucouleur, the Peul and other ethnic groups there.

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