Pat Cross

Worth the Wait

  • Conte' on Paper
  • 20 x 16 in
  • Pat Cross

Collection: At Parkersburg Art Center x

Original drawing from a live model by Pat Cross.

Though he grimaces at the forced pause, his determination bolsters his chances for a new vocation. He watches for the white truck that promises to install the internet cable line to his rural home where he can get online training as a software engineer and, hopefully, one day launch his own business. Then, he can finally marry that gal down the road as reliable work supports his dream of a raising family in his West Virginia home.

In this drawing, a fellow leans forward with anticipation of his successful catch. The artist used a soft chocolate colored conte' crayon on acid-free Strathmore paper for lasting impressions. The drawing mounts in a 26" tall by 20" wide wood frame wired and ready to hang in your home or office.

One of a series of award-winning drawings on the human form by Pat Cross.

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