Pat Cross

The Hawk

  • Oil on Canvas
  • 24 x 30 in
  • Pat Cross

As Victor Conrad Greywolf muses the dilemma of blending his native heritage with modern life, a hawk circles high above, calling out with a siren shrill enough to startle him. The hawk's piercing pitch marks this contemplative moment as one of the most poignant in his adult life. This 30" x 24" oil painting on canvas mounts in a custom frame of the Vivaldi series. One of a series of award-winning oil paintings on the human form by Pat Cross.

  • Framed: 30 x 36 x 2.5 in
  • Subject Matter: Human Form
  • Inventory Number: 40128
  • Current Location: Studio Storage - Eleanor
  • Collections: Figurative Paintings
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