Pat Cross

Sage on Desert Waves

  • Oil on Canvas
  • 22 x 28 x 1 in
  • Pat Cross

Now Available! Ripples of sand create a rhythm of waves that invite the eye to trace them into the wiry branches of the sage brush and towards the horizon in the background. This painting portrays how the ever-changing desert landscape is continually sculpted by the wind. In this painting, the artist layered glazes of oil paint to add luminance to the colors. Some areas are carefully blended while others are applied with a painting knife to set in contrast the rich texture.

This 22" x 28" oil painting continues around the edges of the .75" deep gallery wrap canvas, adding dimension to the piece. It is wired and ready to hang or may pop into a frame. All materials in this oil painting are of archival quality for lasting impressions.

One of a series of award-winning oil paintings on the North American landscape by Pat Cross.

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