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Impressions Bretonnes #5

'Impressions Bretonnes #5,' by Josette Simon-Gestin, Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas Painting
'Impressions Bretonnes #5,' Josette Simon-Gestin, Mixed Media on canvas painting

In this acrylic and mixed media painting by Josette Simone-Gestin, lime green, blue and rose colors emerge to create a delicate garden scene with two women tending flowers and a water garden. Fabric has been collaged onto the canvas adding depth and texture.

"I am now living in Brittany and I rediscover the richness of the Celtic culture. I especially love to paint the intricate costumes with lace and embroidery. Real lace can find its way in my paintings or collage paper. Gardens with hydrangeas, the countryside are inspiring me in this series as the colors and motifs fuse to create my vision.

For many years I have been painting, drawing, etching, making collage or ceramics. If my work includes a lot of series, I can say that I love to paint women and children in a world of fantasy made of strange animals in baroque situations. I wish to express the complexity, the beauty, the ambiguity of the world as I feel it. In all these women, there is something of me but the sum of all these women does not equal me or I would have nothing more to say. I paint and draw and create a word of fantasy with colors to illuminate the world with Chagall and Picasso not far away." -- Josette Simon-Gestin

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