Nebraska 1% for Public Art

Recently Completed 1% for Public Art Project

Raylene Gorum: Anticipare, installed December 2019

Recently Completed 1% for Public Art Project

Anticipare, located at the entrance of the Concert hall, visually lends anticipation to upcoming musical experiences. The piece draws its dynamic form from the Concert Hall's pipe organ with materials reflecting those of musical instruments, arranged in the tradition of the symphony orchestra. Musically, the latin word "Anticipare" translates to "the introduction in a composition of part of a chord which is about to follow in full."

Raylene Gorum, an artist based in Sausilito, CA, installed Intervallum and Anticipare at the newly expanded Willis S. and Janet Strauss Performing Arts Center, which was originally built in 1972 and features the Concert Hall, state-of-the-art recording studios, a Casavant Organ, Recital Hall, rehearsal studios and classrooms. 

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