Nebraska 1% for Public Art

Recently Completed 1% for Public Art Project

Amy Westover: On Rays of Time, installed October 2019

Recently Completed 1% for Public Art Project

On Rays of Time by Amy Westover, is a conceptual sculpture designed to embody sunlight peeking through a window or cloud. The new sculpture was recently installed on Level 2D of the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.  

The sun emerges from behind the nearby building in the same way the beams are oriented in the space, creating an illusion of the natural world within the building. The three v-shaped "sunbeams" made of multilayered, geometric pieces of colored cast glass and metal that angle through the space from floor create a grounded, purposeful and harmonious space.

Amy Westover is based in Idaho, where she also earned her BFA at he the Boise State University. She is primarily interested in creating site-specific public artwork on a large scale that is well integrated with the surrounding architecture.

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