Nebraska 1% for Public Art

The Wacipi is Good Medicine

The Wacipi is Good Medicine is a 22 x 56 inch watercolor painting located in Chadron State College at Memorial Hall. This painting depicts 6 male figures dressed in fabrics with many different patterns. Each man seems to be marching or walking or dancing in one direction.

Ruleaux grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with his English Mother and French/Indian Father. Ruleaux gained his education from many different places, he achieved his B.A. in Art Education and a M.A. in Education after attending the Kansas City Art Institute, Chadron State College, George Washington University and Arizona State University. He is best known for his silver-point drawings and his watercolor paintings. He currently lives in Chadron Nebraska where he still produces art sometimes using Chadron College's facilities.

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