Nebraska 1% for Public Art

Morning Magnificence is a 41 x 31 inch image located at the Norfolk Veterans' Residential Facility in the C section dining room. This image is a depiction of a sunrise in the summer over a forest with a small stream to reflect to pinks and yellows of the sunrise against the green trees and grasses.

Valls was born in San Feliu De Pallerols, Spain, in 1965. He learned how to paint at a very young age because of his father, also an artist. He attended the University in Barcelona and obtained his degree in philosophy and liberal arts. Afterwards, he traveled to explore his own talents and study the styles of the masters.

  • Edition: 224/375
  • Framed: 51 x 41 in
  • Inventory Number: 300a.418.2002
  • Current Location: Norfolk Veterans' Home - 600 E. Benjamin Ave Norfolk , NE 68701 (google map)
  • Collections: Norfolk Veterans' Home
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