Nebraska 1% for Public Art

Jardin de Fleur

Jardin de Fleur is a 22.5 x 34 inch reproduction print located at the Norfolk Veterans' Residential Facility in the G section exit. This reproduction print is of a white gazebo with a white bridge crossing a stream to get to it. The colors are rather pastel, with pale flowers and reflective blue water giving a romantic air to the image.

Romanello is a self-taught artist who was encouraged by her older brother at a young age to continue her talent in art. She was born in 1944 in New York City and her goal in her art to be give the viewer the feeling of being able to step into her paintings.

  • Edition: 154/350
  • Framed: 34 x 44 in
  • Inventory Number: 300a.442.2002
  • Current Location: Norfolk Veterans' Home - NVH Residential Facility
  • Collections: Norfolk Veterans' Home
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