Nebraska 1% for Public Art

Cala Partio

  • reproduction print
  • 20 x 24 in
  • Poch Romeu
  • Not For Sale

Cala Partio is a 20 x 24 inch reproduction print located at the Norfolk Veterans' Residential Facility in the F section entrance in the seating area. This reproduction print is of white building and a white boat floating in the water reflecting the building colors into the water.

Romeu was born on August 7th, 1935 in Barcelona Spain and started to paint when he was 11 years old. By the time he was 14, he was a drafting apprentice at the Litograiia Roses. He studied under many people from then on such as Gracia Sans, Andreu Vallve, and Ferrer Guasch. By the time he was 18, he was widely recognized as a graphic artist. In 1959 he was the artistic director of a successful graphic design firm. In 1975 he decided to completely dedicate himself to his paintings. He passed away in 2006.

  • Edition: 71/275
  • Framed: 28 x 30 in
  • Inventory Number: 300a.446.2002
  • Current Location: Norfolk Veterans' Home - NVH Residential Facility
  • Collections: Norfolk Veterans' Home
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