Nebraska 1% for Public Art

Battle Creek, Elkhorn Valley

Battle Creek, Elkhorn Valley is a 36 x 60 inch oil painting located at the Norfolk Veterans' Home Residential Facility at the intersection of PT and D/E Hallways. This oil painting is a depiction of a pale sky with blues and pinks with a stream and dark green tall grasses. It also shows a small heard crossing the stream.

He currently works and lives in Sydney Nebraska. He continues to enjoy gardening, bicycling, culinary pursuits, and volunteer archeological work, mainly with the Bureau of Land Management Buffalo Wyoming Field Office, and teaches 5-12 art in Sidney, Nebraska.

  • Framed: 43 x 66 in
  • Created: 2001
  • Inventory Number: 300a.207.2002
  • Current Location: Norfolk Veterans' Home - NVH Residential Facility
  • Collections: Norfolk Veterans' Home
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