Nebraska 1% for Public Art

Bare Field Under Harvest Moon

Bare Field Under Harvest Moon is a 34 x 43 inch photograph located at the Norfolk Veterans' Residential Facility in the C section TV lounge. This photograph is of a bare field with a tree line full of green leaves.

Kanfer currently lives in central Illinois with his wife, Alaina, their two children and two cats and a dog. Shortly after Kanfer graduated from the university of Illinois in 1979, he opened his own photography gallery which he has maintained ever since. He was lucky enough to use his photography to pay for college and to continue in his art.

  • Framed: 43 x 52 in
  • Inventory Number: 300a.415.2002
  • Current Location: Norfolk Veterans' Home - NVH Residential Facility
  • Collections: Norfolk Veterans' Home
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