Face of the Earth

  • Color pencils, wood, bristol board, silicone, insulation foam, bondo.
  • 30 x 18 x 11 in
    (76.2 x 45.72 x 27.94 cm)
  • Molly Gambardella
  • Available

Who we are is made up of more than just a single body. How we respond to the world around us, each other, and ultimately ourselves constantly redefines the people we become and the world we live in.

Everything that happens to us colors the impact we have on the world. Sometimes we are defined by our fear, reacting sharply from a place of pain and hurt without meaning to. Other times we act from love, smoothing the edges of suffering with affection and humility.

There is an unwinnable battle between these multiple facets of who we are. While we often allow only our pain to define us, our actions in response to that pain give us constant opportunities to rewrite the story of our lives.

These actions might seem small to us, and the change painfully slow, but the progress is undeniable. Like us, the natural world is always in motion and changing. We don’t feel this often, and it’s hard to notice it in real time. But we can see the results of this movement almost everywhere: From tectonic plates colliding to build miles-high mountains, to rivers carving solid rock into canyons over millions of years. Change requires action and time.

Like mountains and canyons, lasting change within ourselves is made up of a multitude of smaller actions and all-to-often overlooked behavior.

The “Face of the Earth” aims to remind viewers of change being the nature of all things. By bridging the natural world to the world inside ourselves, we are reminded that we are ultimately the architects of both.

  • Created: 2020
  • Current Location: New Haven, CT, USA
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