Faceless 2

  • Acrylic on gesso panel
  • 25 x 19 cm
  • Michelle Heron
  • Sold

I have a fondness for painting old shops that are closing down or have vanished. I try to capture the individuality and charm of these places before they are lost to modern development. Now, almost every time I take a photo or make a painting of a building, within weeks it’s either being painted over or has closed down, even if it stood vacant for years. I like the idea that I’m immortalizing these places in paint, but at the same time I’m sad that the high street is changing so rapidly.

I was drawn to painting this shuttered shop as I like shopfronts that depict rich histories of a bygone era, which the architectural style represents. The title ‘Faceless 2’ is a reference to the facades of these places I see as being like faces, each one individual and full of character and stories so with their signage being removed also gone is their identity.

  • Created: September 2020
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