Arthur Beale - circa 1500 - 2021

  • Acrylic on gesso panel (unframed)
  • 18 x 24 cm
  • Michelle Heron
  • Sold

It’s taken me a year to finally finish this one as I felt such a heaviness reflecting on this historic icon. It was one of London’s oldest shops and dates back to around the 1500’s. Sadly it closed last year even though it’s survived recession, plague and war but it couldn’t last through a pandemic and rising rents. What a sad sad loss. I used to shop here during my days as a window dresser when I used to buy rope and other nautical materials. What other shop had a sign for the day’s shipping forecast outside?! Luckily the business has found financial backing to continue trading online but I just can’t believe it’s gone from the street. Not sure if I’ll be able to walk past that location again.

  • Created: c. May 18, 2022
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