Michael Newberry

What does being in sync with the Universe look like? Is there a way to show the introspective feeling of bliss with visiable triggers outside of oneself? Where is the line when transparency no longer has form?

The concept of the sublime through the ages has variations of awe mixed with displeasure or pain. I can see that in literature when the hero/heroine must overcome horrible things to survive or reach their potential. Painting is different in that it shows only one moment - it might have a past and future but it is forever in the moment. Incorporating the negative aspects of the sublime into paint says to me "life is a bitch." And that is not the way I experience life.
I had to define what the sublime meant for this incredible moment in the painting Synergy: one where senses, emotion, and thought come together. Proportions, the sense of light, and feeling of fully and freely being in the moment.

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