Michael Newberry

Nude Sitting Pink and Gold

  • pastel
  • 14 x 18 in
  • $2,000.00
  • Michael Newberry

This is one of my favorite figurative pastels mostly because of the shifting hues of pinks, purples, greens, and golds. I hate the Fauvists, they subjectively put down arbitrarily color without observation much less keen ones. Here I started with a peach line with brown paper which set in motion shimmering shifts in hues all comparatively related based on the model's real shifts of cool and blushing warm colors.

This drawing is in my file drawers upon sale it will be framed with Tru-Vue museum glass, the best non-glare glass there is, crystal clear all you see is the beauty of the pastel and paper.

  • Subject Matter: Figurative
  • Created: 1987
  • Collections: Pastels
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