Michael Newberry

Idyllwild Icarus

  • oil on canvas
  • 60 x 46 in
  • $200,000.00
  • Michael Newberry

Collection: Definitive Works x

As a young boy, Icarus had dreams that started with flying inside his bedroom, looking down at the two beds and windows. As he got older the flying expanded beyond his walls to far away countries and beautiful places. He learned from the best flyers how they used light and air currents. He became intoxicated with his capacity for flight. The moment he became an adult he flew across the ocean seeking Atlantis. He flew higher and higher without a care for landing. He saw magnificent purple mountains, shimmering towns, green and rust-colored valleys, and cobalt seas. He couldn't find Atlantis so he flew higher still, beyond the stars. Instead of the blustering illuminating light of the sun, he had entered black emptiness, void of life-giving energy. "This won't do," he said. So he turned back to the blue glowing Earth noting that the Sun needs to shine its light on people, land, and seas to give each other meaning. As he returned to Earth he spied a pale shimmering granite outcrop rising up from a pine-covered hollow with a distant arid-colored and peopled valley beyond; he choose to gently land on that peak. He had found his Atlantis, known by some as Idyllwild.

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