Michael Newberry

Falling Man

  • pastel
  • 24 x 18 in
  • $3,000.00
  • Michael Newberry

I was experimenting with difficult perspectives while drawing live, changing the perspective is an intense experience of hitting the refresh button, nothing can be taken for granted, you have to see with new eyes. Very philosophical really. A consequence is that it opens different emotional states-reflecting an aspect of the subject's life and my own. In the life of an artist, there is no security, lots of down moments, constant wonder where the next month's rent will come from, no guarantee a painting project will pan out, much less sell. This piece reminds me of that state of falling/anxiety, yet the every line, mark, color change with done with a tremendous amount of empathy-seeing the beauty of even difficult periods.
This drawing is in my file drawers upon sale it will be framed with Tru-Vue museum glass, the best non-glare glass there is, crystal clear all you see is the beauty of the pastel and paper.

  • Subject Matter: Figurative
  • Created: 1993
  • Collections: Pastels
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