Michael Newberry

Arabesque - Male Couple

  • oil on canvas
  • 36 x 60 in
  • Michael Newberry

Collection: Definitive Works x

"I had trouble immediately discerning where one ended and the other began—which only enhances the impression that the two have become one. It is also significant that the one pair of visible eyes are closed, showing that we are witness to something deeper than sight alone can capture; and “witness” isn’t a strong enough word, for we are drawn in, and invited to share an ineffable feeling that we all recognize. Conveying sexual pleasure is easy compared to conveying a love so profound and passionate that you lose yourself in the other. Ecstasy—from the Greek “ekstasis”, meaning “to stand outside of oneself”.

Being heterosexual, a lesser work could have easily left me feeling “distanced”, but my immediate reaction was that any differences were utterly overshadowed by a recognition that they are essentially like me, and I shared their bliss. Creating a work of art that not only depicts ego-transcendence, but instills ego-transcendence within the viewer (the very definition of “sublime art”) is the most difficult thing any artist can achieve—and Michael’s task was even more challenging because of the increased risk of the viewer feeling “distanced”. I have never seen its equal."
Richard H. Barker, author Transcending Evolution

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