Michael Endicott

The Mad Hatter (Blue) (Harvest Series)

  • Metal
  • 40 x 30 in
  • Michael Endicott

"The Mad Hatter" is part of a series conceived for a January New Year theme “Vision 2020.” My artistic seed was the tumultuous political landscape in a big election year. It turned out to be 2020 vision as well because we now also have the pandemic. And then include the killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. With determination we will emerge from the turmoil, hopefully for the better. This piece asks the particular question, “is he a mad genius or just mad?” Being abstract it presents us with other possibilities – perhaps in it you see a self-portrait of you looking into a mirror preparing yourself for the onslaught of daily events such as fires and hurricanes. Mad Hatter stands alone or can also be hung as a diptych or triptych with other Orinoco Series pieces "Re-leaf" and/or "Watershed." This “Orinoco Series” was shot at Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

I want to thank the de Young Museum for their efforts to not only show the best in world art, but for dedicating their wonderful space in 2020 with the de Young Open to feature SF Bay area artists, many of whom have lost their studios and public interface due to Covid 19 times. To be in the museum with my inspiration Frida Kahlo was cosmic fun for me. Can also be hung as a diptych or triptych with other Harvest Series pieces "Re-leaf" and/or "Watershed." Custom sizes available.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract Realism
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