Michael Endicott

From the Char (Mending Knee Series)

  • Metal
  • 25 x 20 in
  • Michael Endicott

Collection: Composite Photography x

“From the Char” is part observation and part prayer in my Mending Knee Series which tracks with the epidemic and political upheavals of our past five years. Out of the ashes could spring a more equitable republic if we get the reconstruction right. When Colin Kaepernick took to the knee it was a seminal moment. Truly a peaceful protest, and yet he and those that supported him were pilloried. What a heavy price keeps being paid (RIP George Floyd). So many changes need to be made in our cultural, political, and economic infrastructure. We can’t just go back to the “good old days!” Restorative justice is needed now.

It is a two-photograph composite of the x-ray of a broken knee and a madrone tree after a fire. The Pacific Madrone trunks can survive moderate intensity fire, but a high intensity fire will usually destroy the aboveground parts of this tree. The madrone has a fire-resistant underground root mass from which it resprouts aggressively during the first two years following a burn.

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