Paper Nautilus - red

  • Embroidery
  • 70 x 59 cm
    (27.56 x 23.23 in)
  • Meredith Woolnough
  • Sold

This piece is inspired by the beautiful ribbed patterns on the Argonauta argo egg case. Argonauts are commonly referred to as the 'paper nautilus' but they are not nautiloids. They are in fact a type of octopus and the female makes a beautiful, translucent egg case to hang out in. If you are lucky you may find one of these egg cases washed up on the beach.

Argonaut egg cases are generally white in colour but I couldn't resist making this interpretation of their form in my favorite orange colour scheme.

  • Framed: 70 x 59 cm
  • Created: 2016
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