Fan Worm Crown

  • Embroidery
  • 59 x 63 cm
  • AU$3,300.00
  • Meredith Woolnough

This piece depicts the feeding tentacles of the fan worm Sabella spallanzanii. The worm itself is mostly hidden inside its leathery tube, extending only the feathery feeding tentacles out of the top of its self made home. In this artwork I have focused on the worm's crown of feeding tentacles, depicting the fan of banded tentacles in a design that describes the structure of the crown if it was to be flattened out. There are two distinct layers of tentacles in the crown and one of these layers forms a distinct spiral. This structure can be difficult to see when the tentacles are extended in the water as the crown tends to look more like a soft cup or a feathery plume underwater.

  • Framed: 93 x 99 x 4 cm
  • Subject Matter: Fan Worm
  • Created: 2016
  • Current Location: Traffic Jam Galleries
Fan Worm Crown
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