Soft Rain, Hole In The Wall B.C.

  • Acrylic On Deep Edge Canvas
  • 36 x 18 in
  • $1,300.00
  • Melissa Jean

Collection: Available in Kenora, Ontario x

One rainy spring day, I boarded a ship with some like-minded friends. It seems like a dream to me now.
We floated through clouds. Water came from the sky and the ground. The palette never dried.
When we anchored in a spot called "Hole in the Wall", I started an 11x14 sketch. Soon it started to rain, on my canvas too. I decided to go with it, and paint the rain as well. I painted the larger from that sketch in the studio years later.
The great thing about painting from a sketch is that it's time travel. I was right back there, smelling the rain, felling it kiss my face.

Soft Rain, Hole In The Wall B.C.
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