Good Morning, Burnell Lake

  • Acrylic, on deep edge canvas
  • 30 x 60 in
  • $4,000.00
  • Melissa Jean

I owe it all to a text message I got from my daughter Ruby... wishing me a good morning from a time zone away where it was two hours later. It was 7:30am her time, and she was getting ready for school. It was 5:30am in BC, and I forgot to put my phone on silent the night before.
It was a wonderful accident. So many incredible moments in life start out as wonderful accidents. Because of that text, I opened my eyes to a new world... and the sunrise over Burnell Lake pulled me out of my sleeping bag. Out of one dream and into another, I followed it around the lake.
An hour or two later, I got back to camp, where my fellow artists were just waking up.
They had missed the magic of the sunrise hitting the mountain, making it change colours, it was almost unreal!!
I know I'm usually the one to miss sunrises, not being a morning person, but I was glad I for once, hadn't missed this one!

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