Cassel Falls, B.C.

  • Acrylic On Deep Edge Canvas
  • 20 x 24 in
  • $980.00
  • Melissa Jean

In May of 2013, on board the Columbia 3, with Robert Genn and several other artists, we stopped near this beautiful waterfall, named long ago, for someone with the last name of Cassel. It was a fitting name to hear, because it was like floating next to a castle. We had about a half hour to sketch-paint this waterfall. We couldn't anchor there because it was too deep. Bob laughed at my quick and direct brushstrokes and told me I could paint with him anytime, anywhere. This made me smile and laugh. I didn't know he was behind me, and he kind of surprised me, so I jumped. When we started to move on, I took some photos too. That was a really good half hour for me, and a good memory. After he passed away, I started painting the larger from those sketches. I don't know why I waited so long, but maybe I had to.

Cassel Falls,  B.C.
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