Marsha Hamby Savage

Purple Mountains Majesty

  • Pastel on Panel
  • 16 x 20 in
  • $1,400.00
  • Marsha Hamby Savage

I painted plein air at this location in North Georgia several years ago and took loads of photos. There were bee hives beside one of the dogwood trees which is what I painted that day and is a memory that helps with "feeling" when painting some version of the scene in the studio. These trees, the pasture and mountain behind it have continued to inspire me to try different colors than traditional ones, and different combinations of the elements. The dogwood tree is one of my favorite trees to paint mainly because they are usually multi-trunk trees and they have a beautiful organization of the limbs with the leaves. At the latest part of Summer, the leaves start turning a beautiful ruby color. That is what inspired me to try the purple colors for this scene.

  • Subject Matter: Landscape - Eastern
  • Collections: Eastern US
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