Mark Brennan

Hurricane, Taylor Head, Nova Scotia

  • Archival Giclee Print
  • 15 x 15 in
    (38.1 x 38.1 cm)
  • C$300.00
  • Mark Brennan
  • Available

What a day this was! Hurricane force winds, record high tides and everything being thrown at you while trying to photograph. I set myself up on a beach and managed to get inside a wooded changing room to prepare the camera and film. I made my way down to the shore through the woods to find myself exposed to a howling storm. I had to keep the camera under my jacket to prevent the spray from getting to it then visualize the photograph, calculate the exposure, set up the camera and take the photograph. I took 3 photographs, each time returning to the changing room to clean off the camera lens. I knew if I could get a long enough exposure the bending trees and whipping spray would give a real sense of this storm. Photographed with medium format 6x6 camera and ilford 100 film.

  • Subject Matter: landscape
  • Created: 2018
  • Inventory Number: 074
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