Marina della Preda


  • High-quality Photoprint framed
  • 142 x 180 x 7 cm
    (55.91 x 70.87 x 2.76 in)
  • €14,700.00
  • Marina della Preda

Each limited photo print is a fine art print on Dibond with a high-quality wood object gallery frame ready to hang like in your own gallery!

The unique and mysterious sculptures are showcased in a natural but out-of-world environment. With the soul gone, the body becomes just an ornament. These objects are reshaped, transformed, and brought back to life, to regain their place as a symbol of the beauty of nature. Each sculpture is photographed to recreate the experience of seeing these unique creatures in their natural habitat and environment. The photo aims to capture the one moment that gives depth to beauty. The artist creates living objects, full of calm and at the same time full of energy and strength. The refraction of light transforms the sculptures into precious and fascinating works of art.
The photo creates a very distinct atmosphere and context of emotions, as it takes its beholders to another world and introduces them to its graceful and beautiful creatures.
Price excl. shipping and tax.

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