Maria Lorena Lehman

Second Nature of Thought

  • Watercolor on Arches paper
  • 30 x 22 in
    (76.2 x 55.88 cm)
  • $5,700.00
  • Maria Lorena Lehman
  • On Loan

How does nature think? Is it a type of code expressed as the nature we experience? Similarly, what if human thought left traces of its evolution? How would the world look if the progression of thought left physical traces? How would we emphasize what we choose to express in a world where thought leaves its own marks? Would this type of thought progression become a "second nature" that is organically planted, grown to bloom, and then forged into memory? And could it form new kinds of beneficial synergies with the "first nature" of our planet?

Universal Interpretation: This painting invites one to contemplate the effects of that which we express in the world; to thus, consider how we can uplevel our expressions to contribute toward an even better life on this planet.

Architectural Application: This painting asks: "How can architecture become a "second nature" that forms new and beneficial synergies with the "first nature" of our planet?" This is important because our built environment is an evolving expression of thought with which humanity evolves.

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