• Quilt
  • 42 x 31 in
  • Lynda Sondles

The dictionary definition of transcend is “to go beyond.” When I began making this quilt, I had a vague idea what colors and fabrics I wanted to use and that there was to be movement from dark to light, but I didn’t really know what I wanted the end result to be. This “dark-to-light” theme has been present in much of my work over the last few years, as I’ve pondered how we grow and mature as persons and as artists. Art, like life, is a process of discovery. Sometimes it’s an “aha” moment, and other times it’s a journey where we can only see a few steps at a time. Making this quilt was filled with both kinds of discoveries, and I know I have gone beyond not only in terms of its design and construction, but in terms of listening to the work in process and letting it tell me what it wants to be.

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