Louisa Crispin
Glimpse FPS008 by Louisa Crispin  Image: Glimpse FPS008
Glimpse FPS008

Glimpse FPS008

  • Graphite
  • 2.5 x 2.5 x 270 cm
  • £350.00
  • Louisa Crispin

Collection: 3. Glimpse x

This is a 270cm flexible length of graphite marked concertina paper which can be displayed in many ways at the curators discretion. When constrained it will condense down to the size given but will "explode" when the constraints are removed

When species become isolated, there is increased risk of single catastrophic events such as flooding or fire. A small change in weather patterns can mean insects fail to emerge at the same time as their food source and inbreeding from habitat fragmentation leads to sterility, mutation.
Compact concertina sculptures focused my attention on the barriers to nature as I catch glimpses of insects between the folds and struggle to find empty space to draw wasps within the random marks. As these pieces grow they take on a life of their own, forming sinuous, volcanic mounds until restricted and concealed.

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