Louisa Crispin

Flight Path xxvii

  • Graphite
  • 44 x 44 x 0 cm
  • £1,200.00
  • Louisa Crispin

The FlightPath series explores the materiality of graphite media whilst considering the plight of our less popular insects. The narrative is focused on wildlife corridors, the importance of a network of routes between habitats to ensure diversity, and aims to resolve the tension between abstraction and figuration while encouraging open discussion.

At this point in the series I began to appreciate the intense negative reaction we have to wasps. I feel that everything has a role in this world and I needed to find out the positives about wasps. Even if I only converted a few people I felt strongly that someone needed to champion them.

Gradually, through research I realised that the Bees were just a poster girl for a massive problem with all our insects. A combination of habitat loss, global warming, intensive farming and highly toxic chemicals were creating isolated pockets of nature. As I walked through London one day between exhibitions I suddenly heard a loud buzzing noise, which made me realise it had been absent through the rest of my walk. The insects were in a tiny front garden - how on earth did they get there?
That moment led to a whole series of lost pieces - where some of the wasps are invisible, missing, embossed into the paper rather than drawn. Playing on the idea that no one appears to care about the wasps. If anything, they actively dislike them, will they even notice if they disappear? Why will it matter?

  • Framed: 50 x 50 x 2 cm
  • Subject Matter: Wasps
  • Collections: 1. FlightPath
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