Lora Wood

(A view from the riverwalk - Part of the Foggy Morning Series)

Northbank riverwalk extends from Berkman Plaza to I-95 in Riverside. The Northbank riverwalk offers a fantastic view of the St. Johns River for you to stroll at your leisure.

My View:

I had an early morning appointment that took me across the Fuller Warren Bridge into San Marco. On my way over I was focused on the rush of early morning traffic and the drivers trying to maneuver through the streets in a hurry to get to jobs that I am sure most hate.

But returning was a different story. Cars had cleared out and the mad dash to get somewhere was over. I was able to allow my mind to take in the cool breeze blowing through the window, the blueness of the early morning sky, and what should have been the blue reflections in the towering skyscrapers that make up Jacksonville's skyline. Wait, where are the skyscrapers?

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