Liz McAuliffe

Carved Match Set . 491

  • Acrylic on Carved Wood
  • 120 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm
  • Liz McAuliffe
  • Sold

Collection: Carvings x

With the massive upscaling of the ubiquitous matchstick I invite the viewer to re-evaluate their relationship to these objects which are used daily by millions of people.
I toy with the venerated practice of including a matchbox in photographs to give the viewer a safe and recognisable base-point for scale within an image. With no other object to compare with, this work undermines that safety.
3 Matches - 100 x 7 x 7 each

  • Subject Matter: Magnified Everyday Objects
  • Inventory Number: 17491
  • Collections: Carvings
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