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Art Activation

Visual Artist Stimulus Initiative

Art Activation

A Letter to Visual Artist Supporters and Art Collectors


Visual Artist Stimulus Initiative 

The Visual Artist Stimulus Initiative was developed to keep full-time artists working during this challenging time as we face COVID-19. Full-time artists typically do not have a traditional salary, they typically take in multiple projects at once to sustain themselves, their partners, and their families. These artists are creative entrepreneurs, educators at various schools and art centers, participants in gallery exhibitions, and muralists who create vibrant work for our communities and corporate spaces around the U.S. Many of them do not have a financial safety net, sick time, or vacation days to lean on, and are facing a halt in work with postponed and canceled projects. Income that was projected for the year is no longer promised.

The artists featured in this catalog are at various stages in their careers, each with a distinct style and message to share through their work. We have united as an artistic community to ask for your support at this time. We are inviting artist supporters, art collectors, and creatives alike who have monetary flexibility to contribute to this positive effort to keep our artist community working and thriving.

To keep these artists afloat and alleviate some burden during this time, please consider the following:

-Purchase art from an artist listed in this catalog.

-Commission a piece of art for your personal collection or for a corporate environment.

-Commission a mural. The design process can start now as that takes time, and the mural can be executed while maintaining social distancing.

-Donate money to any of these artists to help with day-to-day essentials. This can be a transfer via Bank of America Zelle, Chase QuickPay,  CashApp, Paypal, or Venmo.

-If you are not in a position to purchase art please share this initiative and with your personal network. 

As we navigate in these unprecedented times, we can still come together as a community and support one another. Let’s maintain high spirits and follow safety precautions as we press forward.  

Thank you for fostering our creative community. We wish you and your family safety and well-being during this time.

Download the Arts Catalog Here .

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