Ombre Coils (Large)

  • Ink, Gold Leaf Paper
  • 22 x 32 in
  • $1,130.00
  • Lisa Hunt

Lisa Hunt’s Ombré Coils is unique print is achieved by using a "split fountain" of turquoise and gold metallic ink while screen-printing. The gold concentric circles on a turquoise background are achieved by printing the ink on gold leaf paper. The print is trimmed with the image area butting the edge of the paper. Because of the nature of split fountain printing each print is unique. The concentric circles are a motif the artist often employs in her work to meditative effect. Signed and numbered on the verso.

  • Framed: 31.25 x 41.5 in
  • Subject Matter: Coils
  • Created: February 2016
  • Reproductions: Available
  • Collections: Alchemy Collection 2016
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