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Linnea Martina- Artist Bio

Linnea Martina- Artist Bio

Linnea Martina- Artist Bio

Linnea is a graduate from the Alberta College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Jewellery & Metalsmithing. She is a Canadian Visual Artist, who at this time is painting and using Alberta’s vast mountains and never ending prairie to give her inspiration;

“Love for the unspoken words of nature”

Linnea works in several different mediums. She uses the attributes of Watercolour and Encaustic to add complexity within the surface of her paintings to create an illusion of movement; stirring a memory or an emotion for the viewer. Growing up in Calgary and having a cottage in Invermere the 3 hour travel time winding through Alberta’s vast mountains and summer tumbling around in nature is what grew Linnea’s love for nature’s beauty and bases her artwork on this; a constant eye of seeing;” Love for the unspoken words of nature”.

“Ripple Effect”

Water – Space – Time – Energy

I was first inspired to create Ripple Effect Series by watching a water drop hitting the surface of a calm

body of water.

Slow motion watching water drip

Nature breathing out through space and time

it lands

then a ripple...

In a glass of liquid
in a puddle

a pond

a lake the ocean

I breathe in... and out again

I contemplated the ripple and its effect. Reflecting on space, time, relationships, interactions between people and energy. There is a ripple everywhere. Sometimes we can see it and other times we feel it. There is energy bouncing around and between objects. It vibrates around us, between us and through us. It is the relationship we have with, and to, each other. It ripples through business and personal relationships and through our spirit and souls. It makes us cling to each other and move away from each other. As the ripples expand they encompass and include us all. Ripple Effect is an expression of how we connect through:

Energy Space Time

Ripple Vibrations

What’s your Ripple effect?

Linnea’s work is in the form of abstract landscapes and snapshots of details of nature. Carefully building layers of depth with transitions of slight sodalities this work will change every time you study it. Today you will find Linnea in her studio painting and teaching art to the children of the Rockyview District. Linnea’s work can be seen within Alberta and a constant showing of juried Art shows.

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