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Matariki Road Trip

(Wo)man's search for meaning...

Matariki Road Trip

Today is the last day of my Matariki Road Trip. I have just spent a bitterly cold winter in a campervan touring the North Island of New Zealand. It was my very own art residency. Three hotties, three duvets, mittens and topped off with a woolly hat... I had everything I needed to keep warm. This time was precious. I explored the land, painted, challenged myself and had a chance to read books I'd been waiting to dive into.

My life is at a crossroads so this trip was an opportunity to make decisions about where I want to live and paint for the next chapter of my life.

Halfway through the trip, my eldest brother Paul died. It was a very sad time, but expected, as he had cancer. Our digital devices enabled daily long and loving conversations prior to Paul's death. He was an exquisite photographer and a significant contributor to New Zealand culture. I will miss our frequent talks about art and how it enriches our lives.

I travelled over 4,500kms in 3 months gathering many ideas and images. I have made 25 new gouache paintings, all referencing my artistic interest in the environment, edges and equity.

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