Sunflower: Miniature Porcelain Hen Figurine

  • porcelain, underglaze, clear glaze
  • 2.5 x 1.9 x 4 cm
  • Leanne Franson
  • Sold

Sunflower is a fat white hen with orange head and neck, and fluffy brown wing and tailfeathers. Her red crown perches pertly on her like a tiara, totally in tune with her cheery but princessy nature. She loves to be carried about and hummed to, and enjoys a dirt bath regularly to keep her down pest-free. She might even go in for a manicure! No hen-house for Sunflower, as she'd like to be sitting with you on the veranda, enjoying late afternoon tea in the parlour, or cuddling on your duvet (shhhh... don't tell her it is stuffed with feathers!) Her favorite food is earthworms, and her favorite song: "You are my sunshine".

She is hand-made and hand-painted cone 6 (medium fire) white porcelain with underglaze colours, protected by a coat of clear glaze. She was twice fired (bisque and glaze firings) in the kiln, and is quite resilient unless dropped. All porcelain is strong but still fragile.

She was created in my home studio in Martensville, Saskatchewan, just outside of Saskatoon, on the Canadian Prairies.

She is approximately 2.5 cm high, 4.0 cm front to back, and 1.9 cm wide. She is signed underneath with my initials.

  • Subject Matter: barn animal, hen, chicken
  • Created: December 2017
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