Miniature porcelain brown point siamese cat figurine

  • porcelain, underglaze, clear glaze
  • 4.5 x 2.2 x 4 cm
  • C$35.00
  • Leanne Franson

Frittilary is the most playingest kitty you have ever seen. Her chocolate brown paws are every at the ready to snatch a mote of dust, a flying gnat, or your yarn ends right out of the air. She will amuse you no end with her antics. She has a lovely cream coat with brown toes, tail and strip down her nose. She loves to watch ball games and hockey on tv, and especially loves badminton and will sit following the birdy intently. She doesn't disdain lying on your tablet as you attempt to Facebook however. She is a charming companion and would love to share your Oreo cookie icing.

She is hand-made and hand-painted cone 6 (medium fire) white porcelain with underglaze colours, protected by a coat of clear glaze. She was twice fired (bisque and glaze firings) in the kiln, and is quite resilient unless dropped. All porcelain is strong but still fragile.

She was created in my home studio in Martensville, Saskatchewan, just outside of Saskatoon, on the Canadian Prairies.

  • Subject Matter: cat
  • Created: June 2017
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