Flera: Miniature Porcelain Australian Shepherd Dog Figurine

  • porcelain, underglaze, clear glaze
  • 3.3 x 3 x 5.5 cm
  • Leanne Franson
  • Sold

Flera is a hard-working gal with vigor and vim! She is a lovely undocked Australia Shepherd who just loves to herd. Sheep, pigeons, ants, children, cats... You name it. She has a lovely coat of grey, tan and black over white, which she loves to have brushed, or treated with a special spa of thistleweed and brambles combined with manure and mud. She especially loves to lick your face or poopsicles. If you let yourself and your friends be assembled into a tight group by her, she will love you forever!

She is hand-made and hand-painted cone 6 (medium fire) white porcelain with underglaze colours, protected by a coat of clear glaze. She was twice fired (bisque and glaze firings) in the kiln, and is quite resilient unless dropped. All porcelain is strong but still fragile.

She was created in my home studio in Martensville, Saskatchewan, just outside of Saskatoon, on the Canadian Prairies.

  • Subject Matter: animals, pets, dog, puppy, Australian Shepherd, pet portrait
  • Created: June 2017
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