Peruvian Girl with Llama

  • fabric, thread
  • 38 x 43 in
  • $2,700.00
  • Lea McComas

This young girl tending her llama was created using a fused, raw-edge applique technique, while the background is hand-painted. The face and hands of the young girl are thread-painted to create a more life-like image. The artist took the original inspiration photo for this piece in Cusco, Peru where this poor girl was being teased by a group of young boys. She has been recreated in a more pastoral setting.

This composition has a very different setting than the inspiration photograph. I isolated the images of the girl and her llama from the original photo and built separate fused foundations of each of them on a Teflon fusing mat. Each was positioned on the hand-painted background and then stitched. This process allowed me to reverse the images and place them closer together.

  • Subject Matter: Portrait
  • Created: August 2011
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