• Fabric, thread
  • 47 x 34 in
  • $2,025.00
  • Lea McComas

While visiting the island of Antigua, these orchid blooms are just a few of the amazing flowers that greeted me in the yard each day. Sipping morning coffee on the patio, I had time to study and appreciate the beauty and complexity of these plants in the vibrant morning light. Later, sipping a glass of wine in the evening, I could appreciate them anew in the diffused light of the growing shadows.

In making this piece, I started with a careful color study to select sets of fabrics in varied temperatures. The center panel was created with the warm, pure hues of full sunlight. The surrounding panels repeat the orchid images in progressively larger scale, and increasingly cooler, less vibrant tones and shades, so that they appear to fall into the distance.

Basic Colors:
Each panel contains 5 values of red-violet and yellow-green. The center panel has pure hues while middle and outer panels have grayed, cooler tones.

The quilt is constructed with fused raw-edge applique, covered with layer of organza and heavy thread work, with satin trim and binding.

Materials include commercial and hand-dyed fabrics, an over-layer of silk organza, a variety of cotton, poyester, and rayon threads, and satin trim and binding

  • Subject Matter: floral
  • Created: February 2011
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